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Our Introduction

What is Billet Racing Products all about?

With over 50 years of combined experience tuning and racing cars from drifting, drag racing and all sort of conversions whilst dealing with many, many manufacturers, we've noticed a massive amount of gaps in the market as-well as the endless promises made. 

That's where Billet Racing Products come in, we specifically design our parts and carry out a great deal of tests before we can even think about selling them to the public. Another pet peeve of ours is when an item is not in stock, they are prepared to take the money and will have you waiting weeks, months until they reproduce the item then take an additional week for you to receive it. We do not carry out business like this, if we do not have the item in stock, we do NOT want your money.

There are other companies out there that claim to be making well-over 2000 horsepower with their parts, but have their own cars not work. We have many cars on the road without fail.... But we all know talk is cheap, we'd all rather have proof. Here are some of the cars we have on the road:


What People Are
Saying About BRP


Billet Racing Products is what dreams are made out of, I realised that when I compared the prices to other places. I think I saved over thousands of dollars getting my parts from them and had my engine put together there too. No problems since then, everything runs absolutely perfect. 10/10


I'll definitely be recommending Billet Racing Products to everyone I know, the parts are amazing, the word "affordable" and "cheap" are an understatement when you compare prices to other places. Had my engine built there too, it runs like a dream, no muck around AT ALL!

Shawel Nicola